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Highland Beach

Highland Beach

Highland Beach Real Estate with Haggerty Real Estate Services

Highland Beach: A Serene Town in Palm Beach County Highland Beach, nestled in the southern part of Palm Beach County, is a tranquil town boasting a close-knit community of just under 4,000 residents. Renowned for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful beachfront, Highland Beach is predominantly residential, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Why Choose Highland Beach?

  • Exclusive Residential Community: Highland Beach’s focus on residential properties ensures a quiet, family-friendly environment, perfect for those seeking a relaxed Southern Florida lifestyle.
  • Pristine Beachfront Living: With its stunning beaches, residents enjoy direct access to the ocean and a serene beachfront ambiance.
  • Limited Commercial Intrusion: With only two businesses within town limits, Highland Beach maintains its small-town charm and tranquility, free from the distractions of heavy traffic and commercialization.
  • Ideal for Families and Retirees: The town’s peaceful nature makes it an ideal spot for families and individuals, including retirees, who desire a quiet, beachfront community.

Highland Beach Real Estate Expertise At Haggerty Real Estate Services, we offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in the Highland Beach real estate market. Whether you’re looking to buy a home, sell a property, or need property management services, our team is dedicated to providing personalized and professional assistance.

Discover Highland Beach with Us Embark on your real estate journey in Highland Beach with Haggerty Real Estate Services. Reach out to us today to explore the unique opportunities in this serene and picturesque town, where the beauty of Southern Florida’s coastline blends seamlessly with a quiet, residential lifestyle.

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